How Does the Design Process Work?

If you’ve never hired a designer before, it might be hard to imagine how the whole process works. It’s really pretty simple.

Let’s say you’ve hired someone to design your logo. A typical scenario for this might be that, after an initial consultation call, your designer will present 3 logo designs for your review. Sometimes a designer will also include notes on the thought process behind each design. When you get first designs, my personal suggestion is not to make an immediate decision; instead, take some time with them, sleep on them, let them sink in, and revisit them with fresh eyes a few times. This is, after all, what a designer often does during the creative process: in several sittings on different days, your designs are sketched on paper, rendered digitally (where even more exploration takes place), met with plenty of trial and error, and ultimately fine-tuned and presented to you. It is then your job to choose the one that resonates with you most. Your chosen design is then brought through 2-4 rounds of revisions, depending on the designer, arriving at your final approved logo. Ta-da!

See my post about getting all the details before the project starts. :)


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