The Importance of a Design Proposal

Yikes! It’s your first time hiring a professional designer, and you have no idea what to expect. It can be nerve-racking. A good designer should be sympathetic to this and take the lead by enlightening you on the details. But don’t just talk it over on the phone; get it in writing! Make sure a designer gives you a proposal that explains each step of the design process. How many designs will you get? How many rounds of edits? Will your project be finished in time for your product launch? If you say yes to the deal, is the designer willing to offer a timeline for your project, showing suggested deadlines for each step? When both parties know exactly what to expect, potentially deal-breaking miscommunications and frustrations can be easily avoided. Bonus points if the designer has any insightful methods beyond a conversation that is aimed at bridging communication gaps to ensure you get designs that you love!


2 thoughts on “The Importance of a Design Proposal

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